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Vanished memories on yellow leaves – another saved poem

Another piece of writings of some teenager girl. I was probably about 16.


I need to see you

I know, that I have to

But I feel, that I can’t

I’m afraid

But when I see you again…

what ‘ll tell you then?

I can’t still

to blow out my memory

of the day when

I broke that weak thread

being a connection

my and

your feelings

I wish to you forgive me

that mistake

Help me to tie that broken thread

strong knot to

it was one unbreakable



Vanished memories on yellow leaves

I tried to find old copy – book with my poems. A couple of years ago I changed furnitures, and many books and copy – books landed in boxes in cellar. Copy – book with poems disappeared. It made me sad. I was sure, that it’s somewhere there. But I found my old diaries. From time, when I was teenager. Funny stuff while reading now. But with a lot of memories. My first love, my first sketches. And some poems. Not all I lost. Few of them survived.


I hear your voice very often last days

you say nothing, but anyway I hear you

Many times I was looking for you

arround me

but you weren’t there

Many days, weeks, months

passed away

From the day when

last time

my eyes met


But I still have the illusion

that you are somewhere

close to me

And again you are calling my name…

And again it wasn’t you

only the wind touched

the web of branches

behind the window