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Nice guests, and dreams

I had nice guests  a couple of days ago. Kids with whom I worked visited me. Four girls. They wanted to talk, and to share some news from their life.  They promised to visit me again. They have long summer break now. Till 1st September.

I was tired of work, and I was dreaming about holidays. But as closer they were as more sad I was, that I’ll miss my kids. I was happy see them at my doors.

I was thinking about making meeting some day, and to invite there all kids, some are adult now, with whom I worked till now. I need some place, and some money. My dreams come true one by one, so I believe, that some day also this one.

Future belongs to those who have a courage to believe in their dreams. 🙂

Break in one of my groups. Sorry for low quality. I had to move camera.


Gift of love

It happened some time ago. I don’t know, why I thought about it right now. Maybe it’s “the proper time” to share that story.

Last eight years I was juror in court. Four years in criminal court, next four in family court. I didn’t apply for the next  cadence. I was tired from watching all those mischievous people hurting own kids. I couldn’t sleep at nights. But time to time there were cases, thanks which I was getting back my faith in goodness of human nature. The story will be about one of those cases.

There was the young couple. They decided to adopt some child. They went through all process, qualification, the course for candidates for substitute parents, and they took new-born child from the hospital, whose mother decided to leave her (it was the girl).  And finally they went to the court to become parents in law.

It was really pleasant to watch those young people happiness. Woman couldn’t have kids. Mean if she tried some treatment, she could have some own child, but her husband didn’t bother her with that idea. He loved her so much, that he cared for her more, than for having his own child.  He loved her since childhood. He said: “I knew since childhood, that she’ll be my wife. “

Judge had to ask, why they decided to adopt a child, and was it full  conscious decision? It was beautiful, what that young woman said: “When I was a child I decided, that if I have such possibility,  I’ll adopt some child. My friend was taken to the Orphans House. Children shouldn’t live in such places. “

When judge asked, what will happen, if they get their own child. They both said the same: “That little girl is our child. She will be always our first child.”

Judge, me, and second juror, we all had wet eyes. All that was so beautiful.

After judge announced, that they are full parents now, they were so happy. Such moments are worth living. Not every day we can watch so real and beautiful love.

Cruel me… sometimes it’s necessary

I felt tired and I was missing vacations since some time… but this week it’s my last week at work before long holidays, and I am somehow sad.

I love kids with whom I work. My favourite ones are little devils. Today I was even fighting with one of them. He was to naughty, and he didn’t want to calm down. So I took his hand and I said, that he will walk with me hand in hand like little kid, if he can’t behave like big boy. Of course he ran away, and probably he even hated me since a while… but he stopped fighting with other boys.

Sometimes we’ll have to risk being hated by kids, if we want to teach them something. The same with our friends, with people dear to us. If we really care for them, we will risk their hate, even losing them, but we will tell them the truth, and we will try to protect them before suffering… but maybe I’m wrong, and we should let them suffer, because that way, they will learn more about life. hm

Today were last classes in that group.  Some girl gave me yummy chocolate. Before I was getting mostly apples, many flowers, and some small shining things. Girls stuffs. 😉

Tomorrow I’ll finish classes in next group, and after tomorrow in last one. Then I’ll get long holidays till September. It’s nice perspective, but I know, that soon I’ll be bored because of too much free time, and I will miss my little angels, and little evils too.

I love kids. They are so sweet, when they are little.

Lttle evil angels – power of wise love

I love children, and I like working with them. Especially with kids about whom others say, that they are evil, bad, and lost for the world.

There is in one of my groups 5 years old girl. I shouldn’t let her coming, because I work with elder kids, but she needed so much some positive model of adult people, that I let her to be in my class.

That little girl, Klaudia, is like little devil. She is fighting with elder kids, she is using vulgar language. But not in my presence. In my presence she is not different from other kids. Especially that I work with kids from pathological families, and they all are naughty, and hyperactive.

When I started going to her village, she was 4 years old. She was always naughty and dirty. Mean her clothes, hands, and face were always dirty. When I let her to be  in my class, she changed. She is coming in new clothes taken on by herself. When her hands and face are dirty she is going to toilet to wash them. It’s funny, because she is washing only the part in front of face, but parts close to ears and under chin are still dirty 🙂 Her 2 years older brother is similar to her. Also little “devil”.

Children from that group were angry with me, that I let Klaudia and Mateusz to be in their group. They are asking me often: “Why do you defend them always miss Sabina?” I’m answering mostly: “because nobody else does”.

When children are hearing always, that they are bad, evil, and with no any value, they even don’t try to be better. For what, if nobody wants to see anything good in them?

Children need wise love. Warmth, understanding, but also some rules, and consequence in respecting such rules. We can’t change them every day. Especially under children pressure. Kids need something constant in their life. They will cry hearing “no” again and again, but then they mostly accept fact, that they can’t have all, what they want. They are demanding new toy, and we are buying it… and soon they want another one. In real they need our attention, our time, and our love much more than new toy.

Wise love doesn’t mean, that we should make every dream of our children come true. It means, that we should lead them wisely to adult life. After years they’ll forget all toys, even the best ones, but they will remember our hugs, our smiles, our stories. Even if they forget words, and situations, they will remember always, how we made them feel.

Dancing in the rain

When we are kids we can enjoy everything, and every small thing can be an adventure, a reason to smile, to laugh, to be happy.  Try to keep that inner child till the end of your life, and you’ll be able to find a beauty and joy even in the smallest things, and you’ll be happy in life. Happy people look younger, it’s proven fact 😉

I decided to go with kids by bicycle to the forest.  I mean kids from my work. We were planning that trip a week ago. But when I came there yesterday, we couldn’t start, because children, one by one, had to go back home for something, what they forgot. Children have that amazing ability of forgetting about everything:) When they all came finally back, we could hear thunders. But from distance. That’s why I decided to risk, and to go.

When we were almost in the forest dark clouds came from nowhere, and it started raining. I thought about waiting under some tree untill it’ll stop raining, but I was afraid of thunders, so we decided to go back as fast as possible.

When we were on the street, big drops of the rain were dropping on us. They were really big. But also very warm. When we were finally under the safe roof, we all were wet… and soon it stopped raining 🙂

For kids it was an adventure. A story to talk about with other kids. All were wet, and dirty from the dust, but laughing from that. Soon warm sunbeams dry them, and we could play in the park.

Inspirational quotations about children

Kids can be really sweet.  And sometimes they can understand much more, than adult people. because their minds are open, and not limited by life experience. Yes, our life experience can be obstacle in learning new things. because we are analysing and judging. Kids are taking all.

Inspiration to this article was son of my best friend. When he was 4 years old, he wanted to engage me to work.   He said: “Aunty, can you help me to make an order with my toys? I’ll pay you half-dollar.” “Why you want to pay me? I’ll help you with pleasure” – I said. “Because you have problems with finding a job, and you need a money.” 

“Children can teach adult people 3 things: to have a joy without a reason, to be busy with something all the time, and to demand – with all power – what they want.”  ( Paolo Coelho)

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.”
Robert A. Heinlein

“He, who teaches children, learns more than they do”  (German proverb)

“If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.” (Abigail Van Buren)

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”  (James Arthur Baldwin)

“I don’t know why I did it, I don’t know why I enjoyed it, and I don’t know why I’ll do it again.”
Bart Simpson

“If you must hold yourself up to your children as an object lesson, hold yourself up as a warning and not as an example.”
George Bernard Shaw

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”
Author Unknown

“We have children because we want immortality and this is the most reliable way of getting it.”  (Woodrow Wyatt)

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  (Pablo Picasso)

Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love. (Zig Ziglar)

No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure. (Emma Goldman)

The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty with the son who neglects them. ( Confucius)

We are responsible for who our kids will become. We have to be the best teachers for them. Don’t blame them for being bad students, because maybe you are bad teacher. You don’t like, what I said? It’s your right… but think since a while, that maybe I am right.  This while can change your kids life. And yours as well.

Miracle of love

Little kids are honest in feelings and emotions. They are trustful and open.  When they are happy, everybody can see it, when they are sad, sadness is real. Even if it is sadness from silly for us reasons. With age we are losing those abilities. We are afraid of showing real feelings, and real emotions.  We are hiding behind many masks. From fear of being hurt.

Today I was smiling again in work. Kids are so so sweet. They are fighting with each other, and after a while they are playing together. They are so funny sometimes. Their logic can kill us adult people. I’m enjoying their love, their trust, and their happy faces. I’m holding them tightly, when they are crying, and after a while they are smiling again. It’s like miracle. Miracle of love. I really love kids 🙂

When I started my work almost 11 years ago, I didn’t like it. I decided to take it, because some woman, who I respected alot, convinced me for taking this job. And after years I’m thankful her for all. She opened for me new area full of small miracles.

You don’t believe in miracles? Hold tightly crying child, dry their tears gently, and you will see miracle after a while. Miracle of love.

You must watch it!

Busy week started, and I thought, that I wont write anything today. But I saw something, what impressed me  so much, that I had to share it with you. I just had to 🙂

I like alot Andrea Boccelli. His voice is so warm and peaceful. I liked alot his song “sogno”, but video, which I saw before a while gave me so many affections… I love kids. Especially small ones. They are so sweet, so innocent, so amazing, so beautiful. This video is full of beautiful pictures of little kids. You just have to watch it! 🙂

I am not the God… mean how to enjoy work.

I have that luck, that kids love me. And I have that luck, that people, who are paying me since almost 11 years are able to see that 🙂

Yesterday I was thinking about my work and kids, with whom I work. They are really amazing. Sometimes naughty and very noisy, but mostly sweet.

On the beginning, I didn’t like my work. It wasn’t, what I was dreaming about. I prefered to work with teenagers. I had great communication with them. I was a bit afraid of kids. Especially little ones. I was afraid, that I wont find a way to communicate with them. That I am to serious.

With time, and some courses of self perfection, I changed my point of view, and I started enjoying my work.
Before, very often, when I was coming back to home from work, I was terrible tired. But after those courses, I found my self smiling or even laughing on the way from work to home. I was laughing remembering, what funny kids did.

Sometimes I’m dieing from laugh with kids. For example, when in some play on command “on the horse”, when kids have to find another to jump fast like on the horse, one girl tried to jump on some small boy, and second was pulling his leg to make him jump on her. Poor boy 😉 And I learned to play with them. I’m laughing with them, when I make something funny.

Not always is nicely. I work with kids from pathological families, with problems in school, and with kids in their age. It’s not easy to teach them to solve problems peaceful way, to not show agression. To discuss points of views, not to argue using laud voice and humilitations. I’m always repeating them – “don’t do to others, what you don’t want to they do for you”. When some kid, who hurted before other kids but not right attitude, is coming to me to cry, becouse some other kids did the same for her/ him, I’m saying – It wasn’t nice, and she/he should say sorry, but now you feel, what they felt, when you were acting the same way. So don’t do that anymore. And you will see, that they will treat you also better”.

Many times, when I was strong in my decisions, some kids were crying and threatening me, that they wont come on my group anymore. It was, when they couldn’t get from me, what they wanted, when I didn’t take their side in some dispute. But they were always coming back. They know, that I am always trying to be justify and objective. And when I said – “you are not right, try to think peacefully, and you will see, that your attitude wasn’t nice and correct,” I had real reasons to say so.

When I was starting my work, I had to weak heart to act strong with kids. But soon I learned, that consequence is the best way of teaching them anything. Since the beginning kids know, that there are some limits, which I’ll never let them across. I can’t accept vulgar language, laud voice while discussing, lies, and 1st of all, they can’t hurt each other physically, and emotionally. I am able to close my eyes for many things, and let them to do almost all, but not across those limits.

I thought, that even if I lost my job, nobody will take from me, all great things, which I experienced. Kids love, changes in them made with my help. All joys, all experiences. It’s my profit, which nobody can’t take away from me.

I like watching effects of my work. Changes in kids, consolidation of group. But I learned also to accept fact, that not always we can get, what we planned. I am not the God. I am only human. My abilities are limited. Not always I can claim, what I want.