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Waiting for the spring

If  you like a winter, you should go there. You’ll find beautiful pictures of the winter 🙂


Never lose hope

I chose this picture, because it amazed me. I like this kind of art in taking pictures. Woman looks very sensual, although she doesn’t show anything. It feeds our imagination. I’m sure that it makes men hungry of seeing more. Of uncovering all “the truth”.  If she shows all, will you be interested in “more”?

I like this picture also because of words written there – “Never lose hope” . As long as you keep hope, you are able to fight. With illness, with obstacles in life, with sorrows, with everything, what can make you feel depressed. So… Never lose hope!

P.S. I don’t know an author of this photo, so if you have such knowledge, let me know, whose art I admire so much..

My hobby drawing – portait of Brian Adams.

I decided to post my own work between all those quotes. I hope, that you’ll like it.

Elvis the king – my beginning

I was thinking, which of my drawings to post today. I chose one from my 1st sketches – Elvis.  Whatever we think about him as musician and vocalist, we have to agree, that he put miles stones in history of music.

I prefer him from the beginning of his career. Then he became to commercial. Especially in Las Vegas period. But even then he made  a couple of great songs. There is one, which I like a lot, although he didn’t sing there almost anything. He forgot text, and he was laughing like crazy. It was wonderful 🙂 I’ll try to find it on net.

My post is a response to wish of my wickedly nice friend Androgoth 🙂 Mean he asked me for posting some of my drawings, not exactly Elvis. It was my choice.

My hobby – drawing portraits with pencil (Anthony Delon)

I promised before to post more my drawings. Before it was portrait of Alan Delon, today portrait of his naughty son Anthony.

Little miracles

While surfing through the net I found hundreds beautiful pictures. Many of them were posted as comments on social sites.

I like alot Anne Gedes pictures. It’s amazing, how she can take pictures of kids. On her works they really look like little miracles.