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The path through life.

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The path through life., une expo de Mornby sur Flickr.


What is life…

Elvis the king – my beginning

I was thinking, which of my drawings to post today. I chose one from my 1st sketches – Elvis.  Whatever we think about him as musician and vocalist, we have to agree, that he put miles stones in history of music.

I prefer him from the beginning of his career. Then he became to commercial. Especially in Las Vegas period. But even then he made  a couple of great songs. There is one, which I like a lot, although he didn’t sing there almost anything. He forgot text, and he was laughing like crazy. It was wonderful 🙂 I’ll try to find it on net.

My post is a response to wish of my wickedly nice friend Androgoth 🙂 Mean he asked me for posting some of my drawings, not exactly Elvis. It was my choice.

I cried for you

I like Katie Melua a lot. This song is just amazingly beautiful. Video is strange a bit, but for sure interesting.

You must watch it!

Busy week started, and I thought, that I wont write anything today. But I saw something, what impressed me  so much, that I had to share it with you. I just had to 🙂

I like alot Andrea Boccelli. His voice is so warm and peaceful. I liked alot his song “sogno”, but video, which I saw before a while gave me so many affections… I love kids. Especially small ones. They are so sweet, so innocent, so amazing, so beautiful. This video is full of beautiful pictures of little kids. You just have to watch it! 🙂

About hurting. Mean who is who?

When I was at university, I was sad once, because I felt hurted by some man. I expected support from my best friend, but she said: ” Did you think ever, that you are hurting men?” No, I didn’t, that’s why I asked: “How I am hurting them? I’m trying to be nice mostly.” She answered:” You are hurting them by giving them hope, and then leaving.”

Yesterday somebody reminded me that old story. One of my best buddies called me egoistic, and cruel, because I was ignoring him since some time. Few days ago he offended me, and he was keeping doing that although I told him, that I felt hurted, and I wont forgive him this time. But he was mad at me, and he couldn’t stop himself.
I guessed, that he felt hurted by me. But instead of answer for my question – “What I did wrong?”, he was keeping offending me, and expecting, that I’ll read in his mind.

Yesterday I got offline messages from him on yahoo:
“- miss u
– but u r still cruel
– n i lov u still
– but u r still dumb
– but i lov u still
– u r a darling although u dun use ur brain n u r egoistic
– n i still lov u
– u r a darling buddy but u still dont understand
u r a typical women….
– but still i miss u”

It was really beautiful… and I felt really without brain, that I didn’t notice anything before. Mean I felt something, but I chose not see it.

I felt hurted many times, but the truth is, that I was giving hurts many times also. Many times subconsciously, but it doesn’t justify me. We don’t have to be rude to hurt. Sometimes it’s enough to be blind for somebody’s feelings.

Most of problems between men and women are lieing in problems in communication. When we feel hurted, mostly we are keeping pain inside, instead of saying straight, what’s going wrong. We are cumulating that pain, and we are keeping hurting each other. In the end mostly we even don’t remember why all that started, and who hurted who 1st.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to answer, who is a victim, and who is an aggressor? Mostly both in one. Mostly people, who are hurting others, are doing this because they felt hurted before. It’s really mad circle.

It doesn’t make any sense, because nobody can be a victor in that silly game. Everybody gets wounds. Really much better is talking straight, what’s going wrong. It’s not so easy sometimes, but not impossible. Sometimes good will from both sides is enough.

“If there is a good will, there is great way.” (Shakespeare) So try to say straight: ” I think…”, “I feel…”, I expect…” And life will become probably much easier.