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Buena – I’ll be your love

If I ever have to leave
then it doesn’t matter
where I go now
I’ll be your love

Baby if you let me breath
Even when I’m far away
then I have no doubt
I’ll be your love

Not not nothing ever dies
I want to believe and to love now
But I don’t know how
Wha wha what I wanna try
Is to find a map to your soul now
Your soul now honey

Ref. x2
De alto Cedro voy para Mar Cané
Llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí

If you’re gonna wait for me
I can guarantee that
I’ll be your love
I have no doubt (no doubt)

Baby I don’t really know
where the road is leading me
but I have no doubt
I’ll be your love (your love)

Not not nothing ever dies
I want to believe and to love now
But I don’t know how
Wha wha what I wanna try
Is to find a map to your soul now
Your soul now honey

Ref. x2
De alto Cedro voy para Mar Cané
Llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí

Yeah, uh
I can only be on my way to nowhere
You were stoppin’ me
But I said “I don’t care”
When is the time for us?
Maybe not in this life
We’ll not win this fight
With the runnin’ time, right?

So I’m takin’ my journey to the past
Maybe that’s the best
Baby that’s the last, uh
One step… one, two, three
When I’m in the same place,
You know I can’t breathe
Uh, uh, yeah, so

That’s ma own journey
Into the crazy time
I think I’m really, really gonna lose ma mind!
Cause we’re so far apart!
And there’s no way for a new start for us!

So that’s my way to nowhere
North & east, south or west
I wonder if some day I’m gonna pass this test
So baby fuck this life!
R we gonna survive?

I wanna somebody, I need that somebody
I wanna somebody to lean on
I wanna somebody, I wanna, I wanna
I need somebody to hold on

I am still on the way
Some day I’m gonna stay
Can you hear the pain in my voice?
I am breaking my chain
Do you feel the same?
Can you hear the pain in my song?

Ref. x4
De alto Cedro voy para Mar Cané
Llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí


Problems and perspective

It’s true. Mostly we are concerned too much on our problems.  When we are sad or depressed all seems to be worse, than it is in real. But when we calm down and we try to see things with “cold eye”, with peace, it looks much better. And problems, which seemed to be impossible to solve, can get some solution.  Sometimes even very easy one.

Be yourself

The road of life

You can’t control everything

You can’t control everything. No matter how hard you try. Sometimes you just have to relax, and to fly with the wind. And let things happen.

Sometimes, when you can’t achieve the goal, you can change the goal. It’s not failure. It’s wisdom.

Life is not about to never fall, but to stand up after every failure. So move on! And never give up on your self.

Ordinary magic

It’s funny story. It happened long time ago. I don’t know, why  I still remember it. Maybe it’s really something important.

I had a friend. Strange a bit, but for  sure very interesting. Maybe some day  I’ll tell you more about him.

Once he told me, that there is some “magical” way  of getting answers  for some important questions. I was that time in love with somebody, and I didn’t know, what to do with this.

He advised me to put 7 almonds, and 7 raisins under my pillow, to drink warm milk with honey before sleeping, to think about what I want to know, to go to sleep, and to remember my dream after waking up. I know, that it wasn’t any magic, just some way to relax, and to open mind. But  it was pleasant.  🙂

I don’t remember, what question exactly I asked, but I remember well my  dream.

My dream

I saw a man, who I loved so much. He looked a bit different. He was shorter, than in real. Hm! He had bicycle. He asked me to seat behind him. I decided to trust him. I held him tightly, and we went down on the street. There was a sunny day. I felt safe and happy. But suddenly we landed between walls, and we couldn’t find way out. There was some ancient house. There were two women inside. One was my older friend.  I don’t remember  second one. That my friend was surprised our visit, but nice.

Inside that house I saw some obstacles, e.g. some big hole in the floor. Made intentionally. Like some traps in old castles. There was a bit dark. I was afraid of moving, and I lost my companion from my  sight. I was alone. Then I saw him on the stairs with hand toward me. I saw light over him. But I wasn’t sure, should I trust him or not… and I woke up. So I don’t know did I hold his hand or not.


I’m not an expert in this matter. I read somewhere, that bicycle means marriage. Walls, ancient, dark house, and trap in the floor were obstacles like old tradition, superstitions, society rules. We could go up to the light together. But after  he left me, I was afraid of trusting him again. I don’t know, how it ended. I woke up to early. Alas.

Maybe you  can better interpret my dream. I’ll be thankful for help.

Happy New Year

I’s funny remix of  famous artists popular songs. I hope you’ll enjoy it.  🙂


2011 is going to the end. It’s always a time of reminiscences. It was good year for me. It doesn’t mean, that nothing bad happened. Just nothing important enough to be remembered.

In the past I cared too much for silly  things, and for silly  people as well. In the past, when somebody was telling me bullshit, I felt irritated. Since long time, in the same situation, I’m laughing like from silly  joke.

I stopped trying to understand everybody. I’ll never understand virtual cheaters, why they  have to lie, and why they just can’t be honest. I’ll never understand them, but I understood, that I don’t have to. And I don’t need it.

I started drawing after years of break. I was afraid, that I lost talent, and my hand won’t listen to me, but it was silly fear. Or maybe just laziness.

I started driving car after years of break. Beginnings were a bit scary, but I’m still alive,and my car as well, so it’s not so bad.

I started blogging. It’s still not, what I planned, but I like it. The most important is, that I met many wonderful people here. Good, wise,  and valuable people full of positive energy. Thanks all of you, my  friends from real, and from virtual, but also real, thanks all good people in my  life,  I got inner peace, I won with illness, and I’m just happy. You helped me to find inner strength,  get inner peace, and keep it. So big big thanks for you. God bless you all!

Never forget…

All is important

Bad things in life teach us to appreciate better good things when they come. Without it we even could not notice them.

Everything in life is temporary