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Expectations hurt…

Everybody heard about, that expectations hurt, and most of us even agree with that… but how many of us can stop expectations? I reduced them, but not eliminated them at all. I think, that it’s almost impossible.

Long time ago I had a friend. I expected a lot from him. and he knew about it. After a time I realised, that I idealised him to much. And probably he was tired from my big expectations.  I guess, that he also had big expectations. And I couldn’t satisfy them.

Since some time I reduced my expectations towards people, and I am much more happy.  When somebody is trying to hurt me, I don’t care so much like in the past. But when somebody is unexpectedly nice, it’s nice surprise.

Don’t expect to much from people, and you will get less hurts, if they disappoint you. And you will be much more happy, when they give you something good.

Hope for the best, and pray for that, but don’t expect to much.  And you will get serenity, and you will be much more happy.

Don’t expect! Don’t predict! Be like a child, and just enjoy every moment of life.