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 4 a reason

I believe, that people appear in our life for a reason. They can be blessings or lessons. Both are valuable. I like meeting people, from whom I can learn, thanks whom I can grow spiritually, and intellectually. I had enough luck in life to meet such people.

I am idealist. I don’t understand cruelty, and injustice. It should not happen. World is big enough to people live in peace, and harmony.

I don’t need my friends to be rich, I just need them to be true. I don’t need to communicate with them daily, I just need that feeling of safety, that I can rely on them always, and that they can accept me the way I am. If I give my friendship, it’ll be for ever. No matter time or distance. In other case it will not be true. I treat people, and feelings serious. 

4 ever friends


Dear you


Never lose hope 🙂

I was hungry, and you…


I was thinking lately what for we are sent on this world. This guy is an answer. When we have to choose – career, money, own pleasures or somebody else’s life, choice should be simple. Earthly treasures are nothing, because in the moment of death we will stay with nothing. We will go to God as we came on this world – naked.

On the final judgement we will hear:

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,  I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

You can find full text in Bible, Matthew 25:31-46

It’s sad, but if Jesus Christ knocked to our door nowadays asking for food and bed, most of us would advice him to get some job, and to find a hotel. It’s sad reality.  But he won’t come with certificate, that he is God’s son, but as ordinary human. What if he is already here going from door to door looking for those, who will invite him in? He can be old, young, man, woman, white, black, slim, fat. He can come as everybody.

God tests us every day. Not many will pass a test. That guy, who left what he dreamed about, and worked for many years just to help a stranger, passed a test with the best note. And everybody, who forgets about themselves in order to help others, will pass it. Chapeaux bas for Cameron Lyle, and people similar to him.

For those, who don’t believe in God – it’s enough, that you are good people to get reward. God is love, so whoever love people selflessly, and who does good to others has God in heart 🙂

About absurd cruelty

It’s weekend. Usually I was posting something funny, but this time I’ll be serious. Some melancholy caught me, and I have to talk it out.

I don’t understand cruelty. I don’t understand, why one human being can be cruel with another human being, especially with weaker, than them, with women, kids or with animals? Why somebody hurts those ones, whom he has duty to care of?  Their victims are powerless, because they are lost. They could expect cruelty from enemies, but they didn’t expect that people, whom they trusted, will become their the most cruel persecutors.

I didn’t understand Talibans. I mean, I could understand, that they wanted to fight with “rotten west”, with Americans, Christians, Jewishes, but it was beyond my understanding, why they were so cruel with their brothers and sisters, with other Muslims.  Paradoxically somebody, who announced proudly, that he hated Talibans, showed me by his own attitude, who they were.

I saw how easy hate, anger, and negative emotions can turn even smart person into cruel and brainless monster.  Leaders of Talibans know how to manipulate people’s fears, how to use their weakness to turn ordinary people into mad dogs or will-less sheeps following them blindly, and making their even the most absurd orders. They know, how to make brain wash to them to they believe, that cruelty is good. They attack innocent people, kids, women, believing, that their cruelty pleases God. I know, that it doesn’t make any sense,  that none god can accept it, but those people lost ability of recognizing a difference between what’s good, and what’s evil.  They believe, that they fight for something good, when in fact they are quintessence of evilness. They are victims of their leaders, who manipulate them, but it doesn’t justify them. Cruelty is evil, no matter reasons.

I don’t hate Talibans, and people with similar mentality. Hate could make me similar to them. I send them love, and peace, and I wish them to find the real meaning of faith. God is love. Only spreading love can make us similar to HIM.

I could post here some scary picture, but I’m tired of such things. Instead of that I prefer to post something peaceful. Because everybody on this Earth has right to walk in peace through life.

I like me :)

People wish to be loved. I’m not different. I got lots of love in my life. Just for being me. It’s great feeling. But till now I’m blushing, when somebody shows me love, sympathy, admire. Deep inside I’m still that shy little girl.

I am calm, and quiet person. I feel the best at home. I don’t like parties. I don’t like crowds. I like intimacy.

I have my own little world, where I feel good. My little kingdom. It’s enough to be honest, sincere, and nice to get there. All good and honest people are very welcomed there. 🙂

I like my blog. I like knowing, that people are coming here for positive energy. That’s why even when I’m tired, I’m trying to post something to make people smiling, and to help them to charge their life batteries. It’s my mission.. 🙂

I like smiling. No matter reason. Even without a reason. Many of my friends are calling me “smiling girl”. I like it. I like being remembered like that.

For all people, who like my smiles – one of them. Have a wonderful day friends! Smile! 🙂


Happiness is a state of a mind, so we should look for it inside. Blaming others for our failures and looking for revenge leads to nowhere. I saw enough in life to know, that people, who are trying to hurt others land on the end as the most hurt. What goes around comes around. We can’t get love or anything good by spreading hate, anger, and negative energy. To get good, we have to be good.

I wasn’t always so full of peace. I had to go through big pain and suffering to get inner peace, and to smile no matter what life brings to me. Probably I had to experience the worst to become, who I am. To love myself, and to be proud of who I am, no matter, what others say.

I loved somebody pure love. There was nothing dirty in that feeling. Just pure love. I don’t know why somebody was so much obsessed with destroying that beautiful feeling… It shouldn’t bother anybody.

I suffered a lot, but I don’t hate my persecutors for lying, and manipulating people to they believe, that I’m somebody else, than I am, and to they hate me. I know, that they themselves wanted to believe, that I am evil, because if I was evil, it would justify all evil, what they did to me.

I have no any bad feeling to my persecutors.  I rather pity them, that they can’t find inner peace, and can’t be happy without hurting others. I wish them that with whole my heart.

To be happy in life, we have to change our attitude. Making others unhappy can’t bring anything good. It can’t make us really happy. All changes have to come within us.

Lets spread love & light!

Only light can win with darkness, and only love can win with hate. Lets spread love and light! ♥

To make this world a better place, we have to start changes within ourselves. So clean your heart and mind from negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Be positive! Think positive! Do positive! Be warrior of love and light! And then you’ll see, how changes for better the world around you.

Follow your dreams

One of my the most favourite: ” When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”, and: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve – the fear of failure.”

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Be patient


The truth has to be a winner on the end. If you know it, be patient, because sooner or later it’ll become evident.

Faith, and positive energy

I believe in God, but my own way. I’m not going to churches, I’m not praying on the knees twice or more a day. I’m talking with God. And I’m trying to be good person. I don’t know, it’ll be enough to get heaven or no. But I believe, that being good person please God much more, than showing faith on public, and doing evil for others all the time. No matter reasons.

I learned to clean my mind and heart from negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I got back my health ruined before by stress. And stress won’t find a home anymore into me.

I got back my independence. My self-esteem, and self-respect. My faith and trust in God was in a big part an author of that success. And some great friends, who were with me, and gave me support, when some others left me from fear of society.

I’m thankful loyal friends. And I don’t blame those ones, who betrayed me. Both kinds thought me a lot about people. And that knowledge is precious.

I’m thankful God for all blessings, and for difficult times too, because they all made me, who I am now. I became stronger, and I didn’t lose my sensibility. I like me, who I am now. 🙂

We have to believe in something greater, than us, to keep hope. It doesn’t have to be God placed in any religion. It can be Universe, power of good energy & positive thinking, faith in human spirit created for goodness etc. Whatever good, and pure, what’s giving hope for better future for the world or individual.

I like Sue’s Dreamwalker’s ideas. So lets unit in positive thoughts, in spreading positive energy to make our world better. We can do it only together. If we change, the world will change too.