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 4 a reason

I believe, that people appear in our life for a reason. They can be blessings or lessons. Both are valuable. I like meeting people, from whom I can learn, thanks whom I can grow spiritually, and intellectually. I had enough luck in life to meet such people.

I am idealist. I don’t understand cruelty, and injustice. It should not happen. World is big enough to people live in peace, and harmony.

I don’t need my friends to be rich, I just need them to be true. I don’t need to communicate with them daily, I just need that feeling of safety, that I can rely on them always, and that they can accept me the way I am. If I give my friendship, it’ll be for ever. No matter time or distance. In other case it will not be true. I treat people, and feelings serious. 

4 ever friends


Best friends

Have a wonderful weekend. And have fun. 🙂

My wishes for you

Good friends are priceless. I feel really blessed having so great people arround me. Thank you for your friendship. Here are my wishes for you. 🙂



Have a lot of fun this weekend! 🙂


Own road

Last weeks were not easy for me, so I’m sorry for being late in commenting and liking.

Somebody very special to me is going through difficult days in life, and I feel so powerless. Sometimes all, what we can do is just being there for friend. It’s their road. And they have to walk it alone.

It’s good moment to remind, that our life is ours, and nobody else can live it for us.  We have power to change life, and create it.  All changes have to come within.

Be honest

Lying is a sin. lying to people, who love you is a crime.

Faith, and positive energy

I believe in God, but my own way. I’m not going to churches, I’m not praying on the knees twice or more a day. I’m talking with God. And I’m trying to be good person. I don’t know, it’ll be enough to get heaven or no. But I believe, that being good person please God much more, than showing faith on public, and doing evil for others all the time. No matter reasons.

I learned to clean my mind and heart from negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I got back my health ruined before by stress. And stress won’t find a home anymore into me.

I got back my independence. My self-esteem, and self-respect. My faith and trust in God was in a big part an author of that success. And some great friends, who were with me, and gave me support, when some others left me from fear of society.

I’m thankful loyal friends. And I don’t blame those ones, who betrayed me. Both kinds thought me a lot about people. And that knowledge is precious.

I’m thankful God for all blessings, and for difficult times too, because they all made me, who I am now. I became stronger, and I didn’t lose my sensibility. I like me, who I am now. 🙂

We have to believe in something greater, than us, to keep hope. It doesn’t have to be God placed in any religion. It can be Universe, power of good energy & positive thinking, faith in human spirit created for goodness etc. Whatever good, and pure, what’s giving hope for better future for the world or individual.

I like Sue’s Dreamwalker’s ideas. So lets unit in positive thoughts, in spreading positive energy to make our world better. We can do it only together. If we change, the world will change too.

Sabinka is the best!

In the past I wrote about terms from search engines on my blog. Sometimes they weren’t nice. But after I wrote about it, rudeness stopped. Funny thing, but since that time, almost every day I was finding terms: “I’m in love with you”, “I love you more, than anything”, “what if I’m in love with you”. That last one reminds me some question which I heard long time ago from somebody very dear to me: “if I tell you, that I love you, what will be your reaction?”. I guess, that my answer didn’t satisfy him, regarding, what has happened later. But it’s not about it.

In the past I decided to not write about terms from search engines anymore. Especially, that I even don’t know, how they work. But today I found there “Sabinka is the best”. Writen five times! It made me grinning. Sabinka is soft version of my name.  And it doesn’t matter, was that written intentionally for me, or it was just nice coincidence. It made my day anyway.  🙂

Have a wonderful start to the Sunday! The same as was mine. 🙂

Personal freedom