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My little paradise

I asked recently one of my friends -” Did you see my new Hortensia?” She answered: “Oh yeah! You live there like in paradise”.  I’ve never thought about my little garden like that. I just loved flowers, so I tried to have them arround. 

It made me think how often we belittle, what we have. I thought, that I lead quite modest life,  but it seems, that there will be always somebody, who will envy us something. My friend spends on flowers much more money, than me, so in her mouth calling my small garden “paradise” was really great compliment.

2014-06-06 12.07.52

2014-06-06 11.54.42

New Hortensia:

2014-05-26 21.06.41



My garden is small, and it’s rather jungle, than real garden, but I like it. I love flowers, but gardening not much, that’s why.

Spring in my garden

When I told Debbie, that 1st flower appeared on my rhododendrons, she said, that I should post some pictures. I don’t have good camera, so sorry for quality.

I bought these rhododendrons after blossoming, so I can see 1st time their colours. Second is light pink, and the smallest one is light violet. But I’ll be sure, when I’ll see flowers. 😉

Lilies of the valley. One of my the most favourite flowers.


Roses are my favourite flowers. I took these pictures last summer. There was so big frost last winter, that I thought, that I lost them, but most of them survived… but this summer they won’t be so beautiful.

I have some other flowers too, but I’ll take pictures, when they’ll start blossoming. I’m not good gardener, but I love flowers a lot. I hope, that you enjoyed their colours as I do always.