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About absurd cruelty

It’s weekend. Usually I was posting something funny, but this time I’ll be serious. Some melancholy caught me, and I have to talk it out.

I don’t understand cruelty. I don’t understand, why one human being can be cruel with another human being, especially with weaker, than them, with women, kids or with animals? Why somebody hurts those ones, whom he has duty to care of?  Their victims are powerless, because they are lost. They could expect cruelty from enemies, but they didn’t expect that people, whom they trusted, will become their the most cruel persecutors.

I didn’t understand Talibans. I mean, I could understand, that they wanted to fight with “rotten west”, with Americans, Christians, Jewishes, but it was beyond my understanding, why they were so cruel with their brothers and sisters, with other Muslims.  Paradoxically somebody, who announced proudly, that he hated Talibans, showed me by his own attitude, who they were.

I saw how easy hate, anger, and negative emotions can turn even smart person into cruel and brainless monster.  Leaders of Talibans know how to manipulate people’s fears, how to use their weakness to turn ordinary people into mad dogs or will-less sheeps following them blindly, and making their even the most absurd orders. They know, how to make brain wash to them to they believe, that cruelty is good. They attack innocent people, kids, women, believing, that their cruelty pleases God. I know, that it doesn’t make any sense,  that none god can accept it, but those people lost ability of recognizing a difference between what’s good, and what’s evil.  They believe, that they fight for something good, when in fact they are quintessence of evilness. They are victims of their leaders, who manipulate them, but it doesn’t justify them. Cruelty is evil, no matter reasons.

I don’t hate Talibans, and people with similar mentality. Hate could make me similar to them. I send them love, and peace, and I wish them to find the real meaning of faith. God is love. Only spreading love can make us similar to HIM.

I could post here some scary picture, but I’m tired of such things. Instead of that I prefer to post something peaceful. Because everybody on this Earth has right to walk in peace through life.


Follow your dreams

One of my the most favourite: ” When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”, and: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve – the fear of failure.”

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Faith, and positive energy

I believe in God, but my own way. I’m not going to churches, I’m not praying on the knees twice or more a day. I’m talking with God. And I’m trying to be good person. I don’t know, it’ll be enough to get heaven or no. But I believe, that being good person please God much more, than showing faith on public, and doing evil for others all the time. No matter reasons.

I learned to clean my mind and heart from negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I got back my health ruined before by stress. And stress won’t find a home anymore into me.

I got back my independence. My self-esteem, and self-respect. My faith and trust in God was in a big part an author of that success. And some great friends, who were with me, and gave me support, when some others left me from fear of society.

I’m thankful loyal friends. And I don’t blame those ones, who betrayed me. Both kinds thought me a lot about people. And that knowledge is precious.

I’m thankful God for all blessings, and for difficult times too, because they all made me, who I am now. I became stronger, and I didn’t lose my sensibility. I like me, who I am now. 🙂

We have to believe in something greater, than us, to keep hope. It doesn’t have to be God placed in any religion. It can be Universe, power of good energy & positive thinking, faith in human spirit created for goodness etc. Whatever good, and pure, what’s giving hope for better future for the world or individual.

I like Sue’s Dreamwalker’s ideas. So lets unit in positive thoughts, in spreading positive energy to make our world better. We can do it only together. If we change, the world will change too.

Futile world of things

Two weeks ago I heard fire alarm in the middle of the night.  I thought: “It can’t be a fire, they are rather going to some car accident. ” I didn’t remember any house burnt close to me.  Sometime fire in forest, some other buildings burnt, but not houses… But I was wrong.  There was about -20 that night. And some family lost the roof over their heads. It was horrible. It made me think, how futile material world is. And how silly we are caring so much for things, which we can lose in one moment.

They got money, and help, and soon they’ll can live there again, so don’t worry.  But if you have roof over head, food in refrigerator, clothes to wear, and wood to your stove, be thankful for that, because there are people on the Earth, who don’t have it.  Great car, big tv, swimming pool behind the house are nice, but really so much important? Think about it.

I used this picture already, but it’s good moment to remind it.


Mistery of God’s plans for you


2011 is going to the end. It’s always a time of reminiscences. It was good year for me. It doesn’t mean, that nothing bad happened. Just nothing important enough to be remembered.

In the past I cared too much for silly  things, and for silly  people as well. In the past, when somebody was telling me bullshit, I felt irritated. Since long time, in the same situation, I’m laughing like from silly  joke.

I stopped trying to understand everybody. I’ll never understand virtual cheaters, why they  have to lie, and why they just can’t be honest. I’ll never understand them, but I understood, that I don’t have to. And I don’t need it.

I started drawing after years of break. I was afraid, that I lost talent, and my hand won’t listen to me, but it was silly fear. Or maybe just laziness.

I started driving car after years of break. Beginnings were a bit scary, but I’m still alive,and my car as well, so it’s not so bad.

I started blogging. It’s still not, what I planned, but I like it. The most important is, that I met many wonderful people here. Good, wise,  and valuable people full of positive energy. Thanks all of you, my  friends from real, and from virtual, but also real, thanks all good people in my  life,  I got inner peace, I won with illness, and I’m just happy. You helped me to find inner strength,  get inner peace, and keep it. So big big thanks for you. God bless you all!

Never forget…

Enjoy life

Positive attitude


Women are guilty for being raped?!

Today I read the nonsense, that married men sleeping with other women are not guilty,  but guilty are those women for giving them temptations. It reminded me story of some young woman from Afghanistan, which I heard in tv few days ago. She was put to jail for 3 years for being  raped. Yes, exactly, victim of the rape was put to jail, because she was guilty. Her fault was, that she was pretty enough to be raped. The man, who raped her was free. Also free in raping other women.

She is pretty. It means, that you will feel justified when you will rape her or when you will betray your wife for her?

If I steal your money it’ll be your fault, because you have them?

If I steal your car,  it’ll be your fault, because you have so nice car?

If I kidnap your children, it’ll be your fault, because you have so cute children or enough much money to pay me for giving your children back to you?

Every adult person is responsible for his/ her acts.  If you have the problem with self – control, go for some professional help… or like Holy Bible advises – cut that part of your body, which is causing your sins. Amen!


It’s very important comment, the voice of women, who knows, what’s going on in some countries. In her country.

“even little girls are being raped and the rapist very conveniently justify themselves. once a 2 years old girl was raped and the rapist blamed the devil saying that it possessed me and made me do it.
where a women could find a shelter from all bad in this world, perhaps nowhere not even their own houses. once a psychologist said “the real home of a women is her grave” . the only place she could be free from all fears.
may God bless us all. Amen!”

Thank you  Komal. God bless you.