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Happy New Year

I’s funny remix of  famous artists popular songs. I hope you’ll enjoy it.  🙂



2011 is going to the end. It’s always a time of reminiscences. It was good year for me. It doesn’t mean, that nothing bad happened. Just nothing important enough to be remembered.

In the past I cared too much for silly  things, and for silly  people as well. In the past, when somebody was telling me bullshit, I felt irritated. Since long time, in the same situation, I’m laughing like from silly  joke.

I stopped trying to understand everybody. I’ll never understand virtual cheaters, why they  have to lie, and why they just can’t be honest. I’ll never understand them, but I understood, that I don’t have to. And I don’t need it.

I started drawing after years of break. I was afraid, that I lost talent, and my hand won’t listen to me, but it was silly fear. Or maybe just laziness.

I started driving car after years of break. Beginnings were a bit scary, but I’m still alive,and my car as well, so it’s not so bad.

I started blogging. It’s still not, what I planned, but I like it. The most important is, that I met many wonderful people here. Good, wise,  and valuable people full of positive energy. Thanks all of you, my  friends from real, and from virtual, but also real, thanks all good people in my  life,  I got inner peace, I won with illness, and I’m just happy. You helped me to find inner strength,  get inner peace, and keep it. So big big thanks for you. God bless you all!

Never forget…

Sweet names and positive energy

I have some proposition for you. Make the list of all sweet names, and words, which you were called ever. Add new words to this list all the time. When somebody calls you new sweet name, and when you’ll find some in your memory. Keep this list easy to find. And read it always, when somebody tries to bring you down.

Here is my list:



cute baby angel



the best friend

smiling girl

queen of kindness






pure hearted











the best in all universe (from kids with whom I work )



with great soft heart

with good sense of humour

loving life and people



with open mind






If somebody tries to bring you down, remember, that so many people, especially if they know you well and long time, couldn’t be wrong.

If somebody tries to bring you down, it means only, that you are above them.

If somebody hates you, it happens mostly from two reasons:

1. Because they can’t have you

2. Because they can’t be you.

They should remember, that “What goes arround, comes arround”.  With 10 times bigger power. So pray for them instead of letting them poisoning you with negative energy.

Smile, and be optimistic. If you fail, it’ll only mean that God has better idea for you. 🙂

A bit of exibition

When I studied sociotherapeutics, we had some courses, where we had to tell other students, what we think about them, and we had to hear what others think about us. It wasn’t easy experience for many of us. Not because others said something wrong, but because of situation of exposition.

It was exactly like that: one person was sitting in the center, and all of us, one by one, had to say  our 1st impression about that person. Then to explain it. I remember till now, although it was over 10 yeas ago, what Julia said about me.

Julia said: ” Sabina is like a rock covered by a moss”. Teacher asked: ” Please explain!”. Julia explained: ” Because she is soft and gentle outside like a moss, and some people can think, that they can tread upon her, but she is hard inside like a rock, and she can survive more, than they can think”.  She wanted to say, that I can seem to be weak, because I am nice, and gentle, but deep inside I am strong enought to survive almost all, all difficulties in life.

Nobody have ever described me better in just few words. She was a genuine 🙂 Maybe because she was the oldest from all of us, and she got that kind of life experience, which made her judging people and things correctly. Something like 6th sense.

Sweet Julia. Delicate small body, wonderful smile, joy of life, young soul, and big wisdom. As I remember she was over 50. I was very young woman, but I never thought about her “old”. Maybe because her soul was so fresh, so pure, and so young. Or maybe because I love people, and I’m not putting them to silly boxes with pejorative names.

About missing

It’s easy to say “people go in and out in our life, it’s natural”, especially on virtual… but it’s not easy to accept it always. Some people gave us to many feelings, and emotions to forget them easily, and accept their absence.

It’s funny, that people, who I liked the most, were in many things similar to me. Some of them so much, that some people were suspecting them for being me 🙂

Always, when somebody is disappearing from my life, I feel some vacuum. There was somebody special to me, and then stood emptiness. But even if people leave me in anger, there will be always some profit for me from meeting them. Some useful things. Some knowledge.

People say, that I have some special skill – I can turn my failures into successes. It’s really not so easy. But yes, I can do it… but I prefer successes without failures before 🙂

It’s my day for missing. For missing people, who were important in my life, but they disappeared. I wish to get them back in my life… but sometimes better is to close some chapters in life, and go toward future… But not forget them, and good moments we were sharing together. Just to keep good memories, and go ahead.