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Wise choices

You can win life

Expectations will hurt you, comparing will hurt others.

Regrets and new chances

Another thought for thinking. It’s about focusing on lost and losing new chance.

My life, my space, my love, my freedom

I’m not too much talkative person. Maybe not always. It’s rather spasmodic. Once I was kidding after exchanging many messages with some of my friends, that I used limit for the whole month, so he shouldn’t be surprised, when I’ll become silent for long time.

The same is in real. There are times, when I’m talking a lot, but then I’m looking for loneliness, and I’m going to my shell. I miss my friends, but I’m not calling them sometimes for long. Those, who know me well understand, that it doesn’t mean that I forgot them or that I don’t care. They understand, that I just need loneliness time to time.

I wrote about it to explain, why time to time I’m posting only music or pictures with quotes with my few words only or even without.  This quote is one of my life mottos.

I need, like every normal person, to be loved, and I need to belong to somebody, but I need also my freedom, my own space. Paolo Coelho said in Alchemist – “If somebody really loves you, he will let you live in agreement with your own legend”, Yeah!

Happy life after rejection

Last days I was in melancholic mood. Not in mood for writing. I hope, that it’ll change soon.

This time some funny stuff. I’m sure, that men will have more fun, than women… but we can make our own version of this fairy tale about what could happen for the  woman after rejecting his proposal 😉