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My little paradise

I asked recently one of my friends -” Did you see my new Hortensia?” She answered: “Oh yeah! You live there like in paradise”.  I’ve never thought about my little garden like that. I just loved flowers, so I tried to have them arround. 

It made me think how often we belittle, what we have. I thought, that I lead quite modest life,  but it seems, that there will be always somebody, who will envy us something. My friend spends on flowers much more money, than me, so in her mouth calling my small garden “paradise” was really great compliment.

2014-06-06 12.07.52

2014-06-06 11.54.42

New Hortensia:

2014-05-26 21.06.41


Sunset – oil painting

Years ago I tried oil painting, but I chose very big size, and it made me tired, so I stopped trying.  But I like it. 🙂

My old drawing

It’s my old drawing, but as long as I can’t push my self for drawing something new, I’ll have to post old things. I hope, that you don’t mind my laziness. 😉


My garden is small, and it’s rather jungle, than real garden, but I like it. I love flowers, but gardening not much, that’s why.

Portait of some rocker

This man looks a bit funny. His name – Grzegorz Ciechowski, composer, singer, leader of the band “Republika” (The Republic).

He was a rocker. They were subculture in 1958 – 65, but it was the picture from late 80. Rockers were against “rats race”, career, stabilisation in life. They loved rock and roll, and they caught a day.

My hobby – drawing portraits with pencil (Anthony Delon)

I promised before to post more my drawings. Before it was portrait of Alan Delon, today portrait of his naughty son Anthony.

My hobby – drawing portraits with pencil (Alan Delon)

I drew it many years ago. It was one from my 1st portraits made with soft pencils. I will always have big sentiment to it.

Look, after years paper became yellow.