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Happy weekend!

I hope, that you are in good mood, if not yet… try cooking with wine 😉


Friday horror or be careful with cats

This funny photo reminds me some story. It should be a warning for people, who have cats.

Once I put clothes to washing machine, but I didn’t close it. Then I put there one thing more. I wanted to close it, but I decided to once again check, that maybe there was too much clothes. I pushed them. It was too hard. I took off that one piece of clothes added on the end and I saw there my cat. Uffff! What could happen, if I didn’t check it? I prefer don’t think about it.


How to understand, what woman says – dictionary for men ;)

Men are mostly simple, and they mean exactly, what they say. We women are more complicated. That’s why we very often have problems with understanding each other.

When men say something, we women are looking for hidden sense of their words, and on other hand, men are taking straight, what women say, when in fact we think something totally different.

Maybe this funny dictionary will help men although a little to understand us women better 😉


Clothes for poor ladies ;)

This time something for fun. I found it long long time ago… but it’s still actual 😉

Happy life after rejection

Last days I was in melancholic mood. Not in mood for writing. I hope, that it’ll change soon.

This time some funny stuff. I’m sure, that men will have more fun, than women… but we can make our own version of this fairy tale about what could happen for the  woman after rejecting his proposal 😉

I love hugs

I really love hugs. They are the best medicine for sorrows. They are giving a lot of positive energy.

I believe, that children hugged often by their parents are growing up for more happy people.

Every occasion is good for hugging partners, children, friends. So start from today hugging people dear to you 🙂

Why men shouldn’t write advice columns

Previous post was serious, so now something funny.  I read it long time ago. It shows clearly difference between women and men 😉

Recipe for love

Weekend started, and I am to lazy to write something new. I decided to use somebody’s words. I have many pictures like this on my pc 😉

This picture can seem to be funny, but recipe is not so bad.