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I said a lot about inner peace in my blog. It reminds me some picture, which I like a lot. A man with a dove. Maybe because white dove is the symbol of peace.

This picture makes me smiling. I’ll keep a silence over reasons 😉


slaves and free people

There are a lot of slaves, who don’t know, that they are slaves. Slaves of money, slaves of society. Not able for living free. And nobody can free them, as long as they don’t want to see, that they are slaves. As long as they have no will to be free people.

Yeah, nobody will be able to help us, if we don’t see that we have the problem. Nobody will be able to change our life, if  there is no will in us to change it.

Hello :)

Hello everybody!

I was absent since a while. Funny, but I didn’t ask my friends even once for possibility of using net. I didn’t take also my laptop there. It means, that I’m not addicted from net. 😉 But it’s normal, that we care more for real life, than for virtual. At least it’s normal for me.

Anyway I missed my friends bloggers, and I’m glad, that I’m back. 🙂

Have a good start to the week!

Have a nice weekend!

I’ll be out for a couple of days.  Till then happy weekend to all 🙂

Just another day

After work, I went for a walk with my dog.  I was so tired, that  if there was some snow, and he pulled me harder (I mean my dog, not snow ), I would go on my belly lying on the ground. Good for me, that snow has melted last days, and my dog was peaceful today.

I was so tired, because it was hard day. But anyway I’m smiling.  Because I survived 🙂

I wanted to say more about my day, but nooo.   I survived, and it’s all, what matters.

Now I’m dreaming about doing the same, what that cat does.  Good night 🙂

Being strong

In the past my friend asked me: “Why you fight always, when somebody irritates you? Virtual is merely virtual. You shouldn’t care so much for nobodies.”

I went long way to become, who I am now, to get inner peace, and to stop caring for silly things.  I like, who I became, and I won’t let anybody to take me back to the past. I was already there.

Don’t let anybody to involve you in their silly games.  Don’t lose your energy for nothing.  Fight only for things really worth it.

Rudeness = weakness

Really strong people don’t have to scream at anybody, don’t have to make their voice loud. They whisper words and make people listen to them.

Authority can’t be built on fear, but on respect. Valuable people will never try to scare you, and then to control your fears, they’ll rather work over getting your respect by being honest and respectful.

Whenever somebody is rude for you, think about them like about utterly unhappy people,  who are not able to get anything in life good, and honest way. Who wish to see other people down, because they themselves can’t reach higher. Probably somebody hurt them deeply in the past, but it doesn’t justify them. When they behave aggressively, ask them a question “What’s your problem dear?” Maybe they just have bad day. But when they continue to be rude, imagine them in ridiculous pink underwear with feathers, and smile.  🙂

Futile world of things

Two weeks ago I heard fire alarm in the middle of the night.  I thought: “It can’t be a fire, they are rather going to some car accident. ” I didn’t remember any house burnt close to me.  Sometime fire in forest, some other buildings burnt, but not houses… But I was wrong.  There was about -20 that night. And some family lost the roof over their heads. It was horrible. It made me think, how futile material world is. And how silly we are caring so much for things, which we can lose in one moment.

They got money, and help, and soon they’ll can live there again, so don’t worry.  But if you have roof over head, food in refrigerator, clothes to wear, and wood to your stove, be thankful for that, because there are people on the Earth, who don’t have it.  Great car, big tv, swimming pool behind the house are nice, but really so much important? Think about it.

I used this picture already, but it’s good moment to remind it.



I love it 🙂