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About absurd cruelty

It’s weekend. Usually I was posting something funny, but this time I’ll be serious. Some melancholy caught me, and I have to talk it out.

I don’t understand cruelty. I don’t understand, why one human being can be cruel with another human being, especially with weaker, than them, with women, kids or with animals? Why somebody hurts those ones, whom he has duty to care of?  Their victims are powerless, because they are lost. They could expect cruelty from enemies, but they didn’t expect that people, whom they trusted, will become their the most cruel persecutors.

I didn’t understand Talibans. I mean, I could understand, that they wanted to fight with “rotten west”, with Americans, Christians, Jewishes, but it was beyond my understanding, why they were so cruel with their brothers and sisters, with other Muslims.  Paradoxically somebody, who announced proudly, that he hated Talibans, showed me by his own attitude, who they were.

I saw how easy hate, anger, and negative emotions can turn even smart person into cruel and brainless monster.  Leaders of Talibans know how to manipulate people’s fears, how to use their weakness to turn ordinary people into mad dogs or will-less sheeps following them blindly, and making their even the most absurd orders. They know, how to make brain wash to them to they believe, that cruelty is good. They attack innocent people, kids, women, believing, that their cruelty pleases God. I know, that it doesn’t make any sense,  that none god can accept it, but those people lost ability of recognizing a difference between what’s good, and what’s evil.  They believe, that they fight for something good, when in fact they are quintessence of evilness. They are victims of their leaders, who manipulate them, but it doesn’t justify them. Cruelty is evil, no matter reasons.

I don’t hate Talibans, and people with similar mentality. Hate could make me similar to them. I send them love, and peace, and I wish them to find the real meaning of faith. God is love. Only spreading love can make us similar to HIM.

I could post here some scary picture, but I’m tired of such things. Instead of that I prefer to post something peaceful. Because everybody on this Earth has right to walk in peace through life.


A bit of exibition

When I studied sociotherapeutics, we had some courses, where we had to tell other students, what we think about them, and we had to hear what others think about us. It wasn’t easy experience for many of us. Not because others said something wrong, but because of situation of exposition.

It was exactly like that: one person was sitting in the center, and all of us, one by one, had to say  our 1st impression about that person. Then to explain it. I remember till now, although it was over 10 yeas ago, what Julia said about me.

Julia said: ” Sabina is like a rock covered by a moss”. Teacher asked: ” Please explain!”. Julia explained: ” Because she is soft and gentle outside like a moss, and some people can think, that they can tread upon her, but she is hard inside like a rock, and she can survive more, than they can think”.  She wanted to say, that I can seem to be weak, because I am nice, and gentle, but deep inside I am strong enought to survive almost all, all difficulties in life.

Nobody have ever described me better in just few words. She was a genuine 🙂 Maybe because she was the oldest from all of us, and she got that kind of life experience, which made her judging people and things correctly. Something like 6th sense.

Sweet Julia. Delicate small body, wonderful smile, joy of life, young soul, and big wisdom. As I remember she was over 50. I was very young woman, but I never thought about her “old”. Maybe because her soul was so fresh, so pure, and so young. Or maybe because I love people, and I’m not putting them to silly boxes with pejorative names.

Truths about life

I found it today by coincidence… I chose parts about relationships.

“While you’re busy looking for the perfect person, you’ll probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy.  This is as true for friendships as it is for intimate relationships.  Finding a companion or a friend isn’t about trying to transform yourself into the perfect image of what you think they want.  It’s about being exactly who you are and then finding someone who appreciates that.”

“Relationships must be chosen wisely.  It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.  There’s no need to rush.  If something is meant to be, it will happen – in the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason.”

You can read more here –

The truth about the trust

Letter to nowhere – illusions

Today I realised very clear, that my letters were really to nowhere. That I was writing to somebody, who have never existed in real. That he existed only in my imagination. That only my love was real.

Actually I knew since very long time, that I loved somebody, who existed only in my imagination, but I still hoped, that maybe I was wrong. Silly me.

In the past I was angry with him, that he followed nonexisted people, that he followed virtual ghosts. It’s funny, that I was doing exactly the same.

But I still don’t regret that I met him. It’s good to know different kind of people in life. To know, what to avoid 😉

I’m in good mood now. I closed some chapter of my life.  Actually I was too weak to do it, so I provoked him to do that instead of me. And it worked… like many times before.

Long time ago I deleted from my heart all useless feelings and emotions like anger, envying, regrets, desire of revenge, and 1st of all – hate. They can’t bring anything valuable to our life, so why to waste a time and precious energy for useless things?

I am much more happy after I changed my way of treating things, which happen to me. I’m more peaceful now. Now I think, that whatever happens, just happens, and there is no reason to think too much about it, to analyse, to make questions.

I know, that everybody, who did something wrong to me, soon or later will pay for that badly, so why to bother my self for doing anything? God is the best judge. It’s enough to trust Him, and to wait patiently for his work.

I have learned to enjoy every good moment in life, and forget fast bad ones. That’s why I have only good memories 🙂

I was in love with ghost… but the most important is, that I loved. It’s nice feeling. Really. We can enjoy it.  I will never regret, that I was in love. It’s nice to know, that I am able to such great feeling. It’s nice to know, that I am a human.

There is no broken heart anymore. There is just heart able to the greatest love.