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Life is delicate and precious

Last two years I was facing with serious problems with my health. It changed me.

I stopped care for silly things, I stopped fighting from silly reasons. I realised, that life is to short for wasting it for unimportant things. Now, when somebody wants to hurt me or offend me, I’m smiling only. Happy people are not attacking others, especially without a reason. So if they are so unhappy, why to be angry with them? We should rather pray for them. For their happiness.

Serious illness changes our perception.  It teaches us to value more every thing in life, a time, emotions, feelings. I have heard about it, but I understood that clearly, when I experienced that by myself.

When we are seriously ill, we can go into depression or we can look for help in faith. I chose second option. I became more religious, and I started trusting God absolutely.  Before I did it, I was more ill day by day. Sometimes I was too weak to do anything. Even to walk. But after I have decided to trust God,  all changed.  When I checked my health last time, doctor was surprised, that I’m almost fine, although before nobody knew how to help me.

I’m almost healthy now, but I wont change. I’ll care well for my health, and I wont waste a time for things not worth it. Life is too short. To precious.


Lazy Sunday

My laziness has no end.  I know, that I should write something, but I’m really too lazy.  Maybe because last week was hard a bit. Much work. Many problems. Many affections. I have right to be lazy, and to think about relax.

I didn’t say that to apologise. In fact I don’t know, why I said that all. Probably just to share my state with you.

While surfing through the net, I saw many beautiful pictures. Some with wise words. I copied many of them.  I hope, that you like these ones posted in my blog.

Lets see, what will be my choice for today. For lazy Sunday.

I hope, that you like my choice.  Yeah, life is to short for sorrows. Lets enjoy life since it lasts.