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The truth about the trust


Letter to nowhere – I’m glad, that I met you

I told you, that I prefered friendship, because I knew my self too well. I knew, what will happen, if I let myself to fall in love with you. Don’t say, that I didn’t warn you.

When I’m in love, I’m becoming mad. I don’t care for anybody, but for the man I’m in love with. I could die for him, kill for him, go to the center of the hell after him. I am possessive, and jealous. Not much, when I can trust a man, and when he is not giving me reasons for jealousy. But when he is lying and cheating, I’m like volcano, which can erupt in every moment.

I am sweet, nice, loving and caring for somebody who can appreciate it, but furious and unpredictable for somebody, who is hurting my feelings. When I feel powerless, I’m crying.

I am easy in service. Be honest, sincere, and loyal, and I will be an angel for you. And you will taste all the best in me. Don’t try to use me or cheat me, because you’ll see my evil side. If you across some limits, I’ll delete you from my life for ever as you have never existed.

I will never regret, that I met you, although it almost killed me. You thought me a lot. Especially about my self. You gave me support many times. You gave me many good advises. You made me laughing, when I was sad. For all that I’m thankful you.

Without knowing you, I couldn’t even know, that I was able to so big, and so unconditional love.

I’m glad, that you appeared on my path of life, because God put you there to make me wiser and stronger.