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Smile :)


Clean your mind 2

It’s the best way for winning with stress. Kicking, instead of keeping. Circumstances are causing stress, but we are these, who decide, how big power it has over us. We can feed it every day or clean our minds, and move on. I don’t say, that it’s easy, but for sure it’s worth trying.  It’s proven fact, that even deadly ill people were getting back health when they were full of positive energy. So if such miracles are possible, everything will be possible. 🙂


Don’t hate them. Don’t keep an anger in heart.  Just smile, and be thankful them for polishing 🙂

Miracle of love – my old post

I posted that months ago, but some of you didn’t read it, so I decided to repost it. I hope, it’s worth it.

Little kids are honest in feelings and emotions. They are trustful and open.  When they are happy, everybody can see it, when they are sad, sadness is real. Even if it is sadness from silly for us reasons. With age we are losing those abilities. We are afraid of showing real feelings, and real emotions.  We are hiding behind many masks. From fear of being hurt….”

Using chances

Life (God) is giving us chances. It’s in our hands, how we will use them. Try to not miss them, when they’ll come to you, and use them the best that you can.

Be with right people

Where is the will, there will be also the way

I found it right now on facebook, so it’s fresh thing 😉

Real love

Healthy limits

Make healthy limits in your life. Care of yourself.

Looking back

I’m smiling 🙂 I like changes in me. And I admire people, who are working over them selves to be better people.