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Sunset – oil painting

Years ago I tried oil painting, but I chose very big size, and it made me tired, so I stopped trying.  But I like it. 🙂


My old drawing

It’s my old drawing, but as long as I can’t push my self for drawing something new, I’ll have to post old things. I hope, that you don’t mind my laziness. 😉

My hobby drawing – portait of Brian Adams.

I decided to post my own work between all those quotes. I hope, that you’ll like it.

My hobby drawing

I was always drawing portraits with black soft pencil only, but once I decided to add some colour. Look carefully to find it 😉

I noticed right now, that paper looks like eaten on one corner by some naughty mouse.

Elvis the king – my beginning

I was thinking, which of my drawings to post today. I chose one from my 1st sketches – Elvis.  Whatever we think about him as musician and vocalist, we have to agree, that he put miles stones in history of music.

I prefer him from the beginning of his career. Then he became to commercial. Especially in Las Vegas period. But even then he made  a couple of great songs. There is one, which I like a lot, although he didn’t sing there almost anything. He forgot text, and he was laughing like crazy. It was wonderful 🙂 I’ll try to find it on net.

My post is a response to wish of my wickedly nice friend Androgoth 🙂 Mean he asked me for posting some of my drawings, not exactly Elvis. It was my choice.

My hobby – drawing portraits with pencil (Anthony Delon)

I promised before to post more my drawings. Before it was portrait of Alan Delon, today portrait of his naughty son Anthony.