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New day – new chances

It’s good thought for the start of new week.




It happened to me many times. When I lost something, I was sad or even depressed. I was asking God: “Why?” And soon I was getting answers. Whenever I lost something, it was replaced with something much better. Besides I was becoming wiser, and stronger. The most important thing is to keep faith, and never lose hope.

Sinful pleasures

Hey, what did you think about? I thought about strawberries with sugar and cream. Strawberries are healthy, but sugar and fat cream not much. Sins against health… but how pleasant.

By the way, why most of the pleasures are forbidden? It’s not fair 😉

Strawberries with leaves were only for decoration. I’m not eating leaves. Not these ones. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Life is a lesson

My great friend told me today some stories from his trips all over the world. It reminded me something from the time, when I was at University.

Only once in my life I was hungry. We had some students holiday practice in Jelenia Góra, and we had there only one meal a day. I guess, that person responsible for our hotel, and food stole money for breakfasts and suppers. We didn’t expect it, so we didn’t take enough money from home, and there were times, when we were eating dry bread and salt stolen from restaurant, where we were eating dinners. When we got sugar, it was holiday 🙂 

Woman, responsible for us there, treated us like slaves, who had to work for her all day long with only one meal a day, and on the and she gave us bad notes. We were doing job for her doctor degree, which somebody else should do with computer, and she had to pay for that. We were “cheaper”. She got doctors degree stepping on our backs.

I think, that she was seriously mentally ill… and we were stupid, that we let her to use us, and treat us with breaking rules of law. Later she was talking bad about us to other teachers. I was always wondering, how such people could finish psychology, and get a job at University. Grrr

I’m thankful God for that experience, that I tasted hunger. It thaught me to value more, that I have food, and roof over my head, when some people don’t have it. It wasn’t real hunger, at last we had one good meal daily, but we tasted it somehow. All that thaught me, that mischievous people can easy manipulate others, when they depend on them.  That’s why I understand better victims of domestic violence, who are not able to  break mad circle.  And that’s why, at my job, and in private life, since years, I’m helping them to break it.  I’m learning all the time.

Yesterday some man knocked at my doors. It was a husband of one woman, who I helped some time ago. He didn’t like my opinion about him prepared for the court. I told him, that i don’t remember, what I wrote there, but I’m sure, that all, what I wrote was true. He made his voice loud, and started threatening me. I said, that I’m not afraid, and if he doesn’t calm down right now, I’ll call police, so he ran away. But then he came to his house and told his wife, that I am against her now. I know about it, because she called me immediately. She was whispering to the phone to he didn’t hear her. I told her, that she can take me as witness to the court or wherever she’ll need. Nobody won’t threaten me ever. I won’t let them. What’s strange, I pity that man. He is like blind. He looks faults in all people arround, not able to see, that he causes all his trouble by drinking too much alcohol.

Life is a lesson. Whatever it brings to us, good or bad, all can be useful.  We can cry for ever or we can learn, how to be strong, how to stand up, and move on.  We have always some choice.

Powerful tools

Life is the best teacher

Life is the best teacher. Its lessons are painful sometimes, but very precious. If we can learn from them.


I wanted to post it at weekend, but I somehow forgot. Smile friends, next weekend is coming. 🙂



I know from my own experience, that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, some things are impossible to understand. They just happened. Mostly from some reason. And mostly that reason is to teach us something. So we should accept them as they are, as precious lessons of life.

Keeps eyes open

Shine! :)