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Time of growing

If all in life comes easily, how you’ll learn how to solve problems, when they will come? 

If all in life comes easily, what value it will have for you?


I couldn’t say it better – lessons of life

Cruel me… sometimes it’s necessary

I felt tired and I was missing vacations since some time… but this week it’s my last week at work before long holidays, and I am somehow sad.

I love kids with whom I work. My favourite ones are little devils. Today I was even fighting with one of them. He was to naughty, and he didn’t want to calm down. So I took his hand and I said, that he will walk with me hand in hand like little kid, if he can’t behave like big boy. Of course he ran away, and probably he even hated me since a while… but he stopped fighting with other boys.

Sometimes we’ll have to risk being hated by kids, if we want to teach them something. The same with our friends, with people dear to us. If we really care for them, we will risk their hate, even losing them, but we will tell them the truth, and we will try to protect them before suffering… but maybe I’m wrong, and we should let them suffer, because that way, they will learn more about life. hm

Today were last classes in that group.  Some girl gave me yummy chocolate. Before I was getting mostly apples, many flowers, and some small shining things. Girls stuffs. 😉

Tomorrow I’ll finish classes in next group, and after tomorrow in last one. Then I’ll get long holidays till September. It’s nice perspective, but I know, that soon I’ll be bored because of too much free time, and I will miss my little angels, and little evils too.

I love kids. They are so sweet, when they are little.


When people are sad because of something, what happened in the past, we are advising them to forget all bad, and to go ahead. The same I do. But not always it’s so easy. Bad memories are living inside us, and hurting like thorns. 

We are wearing that dark coat of our sad memories to cover our soul, to somehow protect it before new wounds. We are even enjoying that pain, because it’s proof, that we are humans, that we have feelings, that we are alive.

Taking off that dark coat is equal for us with being defenceless. With being easy to hurt again.

But we have to take it off. There is no other way to live, and to be happy.

We have to learn, how to replace sad memories with nice ones. With time you will see, that all what happened to you, wasn’t all so bad. That not all was so sad. That there were also good and sweet parts.

Nothing happens without a reason, although sometimes we can’t find out what that reason was. But every experience is precious lessons of life, which is learned the best, when it’s coming hard and painful way.