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They don’t care about us

I don’t know, why today, 11th September, exactly this song came to my mind… Anyway song is great, and Michael Jackson as well. R.I.P.


Letter to my friend

I knew, that you were waiting for my awakening from that bad dream. That you were waiting for the day, when I’ll take my head up, and I’ll go without a fear toward future proud of who I am.

Since I met you I was growing stronger and stronger day by day. And I was much more proud of myself day by day. But now I feel, that nothing can stop me on my way to happy life. I’m smiling full smile. And I’ll keep it for ever. 

I don’t regret things, which happened to me, because they all made me, who I am now.

I was becoming stronger and wiser day by day. And probably only pain and suffering could be able to do so. I know, that other people have more luck, and they grow up to strength and wisdom in more pleasant circumstances. But I had all the time great friends close to me. And you were the best. Thanks you my way was not so painful. And I walked more easily and more bravely having your arm close.

You saw me as I am, and you have never doubted in me. You are the real friend. Real treasure.

You were making me smiling, you were giving me power to live. You were helping me to stand up always, when somebody tried to pull me down. For all that I’m thankful you endlessly.

You were my Guardian Angel. You still are, and I hope, that you’ll always be. But I’ll try to take off a part of responsibility from your shoulders to give you more space:) I’ll go proudly toward future knowing, that you are always there for me, whenever I need you. That you are always with me in your thoughts, and that I am always in your heart. 

You helped me to become, who I am, and you’ll be for ever a part of me.

I decided to publish my letter to you in my blog. I’m sure, that you don’t mind.

Love you endlessly.

Yours now and forever


Andres – I’m proudly calling him my best friend 🙂