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Don’t worry



Handle with care

Be positive!

If somebody tries to bring you down, it’ll mean only, that you are above them. So if somebody wants to bully you, pity them, because they have to be really unhappy people. Happy people will never behave like that.


Impossible can become possible

Impossible can become possible, just try it! 🙂

Be who you are

World in chaos

Find arms that will hold you…

This time also I couldn’t say it better… All is so true… Probably it’s the best definition of true love I’ve ever seen. But I feel a bit exhausted now, so I just can not remember better one.

Never give up

Positive thought for today…

 “Positive Outlooks” on fb

… even if whole world arround does.

Proud of my heart

I found it right now on facebook, in “Book of Quote”. I like it, because it could be my own.