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Be yourself


Don’t be afraid of moving

Take 1st step, when you have decided something. Are you afraid?

Go in flashback, when you took first step of your life & look – you are running today.

So never be hesitate. Strong determinations never let you shake.


Wish you all to be happy. Happy Sunday. 🙂

About missing

It’s easy to say “people go in and out in our life, it’s natural”, especially on virtual… but it’s not easy to accept it always. Some people gave us to many feelings, and emotions to forget them easily, and accept their absence.

It’s funny, that people, who I liked the most, were in many things similar to me. Some of them so much, that some people were suspecting them for being me 🙂

Always, when somebody is disappearing from my life, I feel some vacuum. There was somebody special to me, and then stood emptiness. But even if people leave me in anger, there will be always some profit for me from meeting them. Some useful things. Some knowledge.

People say, that I have some special skill – I can turn my failures into successes. It’s really not so easy. But yes, I can do it… but I prefer successes without failures before 🙂

It’s my day for missing. For missing people, who were important in my life, but they disappeared. I wish to get them back in my life… but sometimes better is to close some chapters in life, and go toward future… But not forget them, and good moments we were sharing together. Just to keep good memories, and go ahead.