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It’s weekend!

I found this funny animation before a while. I really like it 🙂

Happy weekend!

weekend dance

Hm, it seems, that it doesn’t work…




Something for my friend Andro 🙂 And all dragons lovers.


Secret_garden_by_Ironshod  dragonkin_by_ironshod-d5lrzxu

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Happy weekend!



Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend 🙂



It just need some strenght, and determination to survive even in the most difficult circumstances. Just believe, that everything in life is possible, and impossible will happen 🙂

Happy weekend

weekend - eat them

It was a private gift for my great friend Andro. But I liked it that much, that I decided to show it on public 🙂

Happy weekend 🙂

Sinful pleasures

Hey, what did you think about? I thought about strawberries with sugar and cream. Strawberries are healthy, but sugar and fat cream not much. Sins against health… but how pleasant.

By the way, why most of the pleasures are forbidden? It’s not fair 😉

Strawberries with leaves were only for decoration. I’m not eating leaves. Not these ones. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!