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Love above all

People are different, they look different, they have different desires, and dreams. As long as we can not learn to respect differences, and people’s right to own choices, there will be wars, hate, and bullying. Only, when we learn to love, and respect people above differences, we will be able to change the world for better.


pozory mogą mylić

I chose a picture, that may not suit well a post, but I like it. It’s about easy judgments.  We should not pay so big attention to appearances, because appearances can be deceiving. We should look deeper. To not hurt people, who don’t deserve it, and also to protect ourselves in case of danger.


When God orders, even devil obeys

I read this story today, and I just have to share it with you.

poor woman

“A very poor woman called a Christian radio station asking for help. A bad, evil man who was listening to this radio program decided to make something out of it….  He got her address, called his secretary and ordered her to buy food and take to the woman with the following instruction., “when the woman asks who sent the food, tell her that it’s from the devil.”

When she arrived, the woman was so happy and she started putting the food inside. The Secretary asked her, ”don’t you want to know who sent the food”?? The woman answered. ”NO , it doesn’t matter, because when GOD orders, even the devil obeys.”
The secretary broke into tears.

You are a divine project, so shall God accomplish whatever that concerns you. That thing in your life that seems impossible, shall be possible. God will take you to a greater height, God is opening your book of Remembrance, because you are next inline to be favoured in Jesus Christ name.”


Coelho - Children

So we should learn from them. Believe, that everything is possible, and it will become possible. The only limits, that stop us are those in our heads.

Take a risk

Coelho - be brave

Experience is the best teacher. None book can replace it.

Merry Christmas – Viva la vida


Some time ago I lost my father. My life stopped for a while. But it’s Christmas. New life was born to save us. Both, birth and death, are part of life. There is time in life for grief, but there is also time for joy. For simple joy of life. If I die, I wish to people smile remembering me. I don’t want anybody to be sad. We met, we shared our joy and sorrows. We should keep for ever sweet memories of the time spent together.

Yesterday some friend shared with me “Viva la vida” performed by great violinist David Garrett. I fell in love with that from first listening 🙂 Merry Christmas everybody! Viva la vida!


angels - Coelho

I also believe, that we are not alone. That there are angels, who watch over us. They take different shapes. Sometimes totally unexpected. It can be a stranger, who smiles to us, when we are down. A friend, who appears just to ask, ‘how are you’ exactly, when you need it. Something that stop us before crossing a road straight under a car. Today I miraculously avoided accident. It was dark, and raining. My car could be hit from front and back, but nothing happened.  Exactly I almost hit a car, who appeared suddenly, and I could be hit from back by another car. We all stopped not even touching each other. Maybe I exaggerate a bit, but I really experienced miracles in life, and protection, and care from some invisible power.

Dear you


Never lose hope 🙂

I was hungry, and you…


I was thinking lately what for we are sent on this world. This guy is an answer. When we have to choose – career, money, own pleasures or somebody else’s life, choice should be simple. Earthly treasures are nothing, because in the moment of death we will stay with nothing. We will go to God as we came on this world – naked.

On the final judgement we will hear:

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,  I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

You can find full text in Bible, Matthew 25:31-46

It’s sad, but if Jesus Christ knocked to our door nowadays asking for food and bed, most of us would advice him to get some job, and to find a hotel. It’s sad reality.  But he won’t come with certificate, that he is God’s son, but as ordinary human. What if he is already here going from door to door looking for those, who will invite him in? He can be old, young, man, woman, white, black, slim, fat. He can come as everybody.

God tests us every day. Not many will pass a test. That guy, who left what he dreamed about, and worked for many years just to help a stranger, passed a test with the best note. And everybody, who forgets about themselves in order to help others, will pass it. Chapeaux bas for Cameron Lyle, and people similar to him.

For those, who don’t believe in God – it’s enough, that you are good people to get reward. God is love, so whoever love people selflessly, and who does good to others has God in heart 🙂


inner light

Yes, we meet on our path of life people, who have ability of lighting the flame within us, when our own light gone. It’s important to notice their presence, and be grateful. I had that luck to meet such people, and no matter, what life will bring, I’ll be thankful God for putting them on my path of life. My endless gratitude to all, that lifted me up, when I was down, who cared, when I was sad or ill, and who had patience for me, when I was unbearable 🙂

Painful truth

the only people i need

We shouldn’t stick to those, who don’t need us, no matter, how much we need them. Better is to let them go. If they care, they will notice our absence, and will try to find a way back to us, if not, it’ll mean, that we made right decision. Sometimes we have to die to start living.

I met many great people here. Andro, who was like elder brother for me, always sweet and caring. Sue Dreamwalker, full of positive energy. Wonderful artist Debbie. Good companion Mystery. Binky. Valentine. Pen. Krystiana. Mr. SIG. Island Traveller. I’m sorry, if i forgot to mention somebody. Thank you all, who liked me for who I am, even when I had nothing else to offer but myself. And I’m sorry, that I was maybe not enough attentive for those who needed me. Even if I was absent, I was with you in thoughts, and I wished you lots of blessings in life. Now I’m sending to all of you big portion of light, and positive energy with wishes of all the best in life. And really big hug:)  Love you!