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Healthy limits

Make healthy limits in your life. Care of yourself.


We are responsible for who we become

Last days I read many posts about bullying. Maybe there is something in the air… It was my comment to one of those posts

I’ve never experienced bullying in real life. Mean, people were trying to offend me, and even bully me, but they were singular examples.  Besides I knew my self very well, and I knew, that it was mostly from jealousy, so I didn’t care so much.

Real bully I met on virtual. I was in shock that people can behave like that. That they can be so full of hate and aggression. That person was utterly obsessed with me. Sending to me rude messages from many fake accounts with the most vulgar names, attacking me everywhere, lieing and manipulating my friends to hurt me their hands, and then laughing at me on public from my broken heart etc., etc., etc. I advised that person many times to stop living my life, to forget me, and to start living their own life, and trying to be happy, but it caused only bigger aggression,  so I started ignoring that person at all.

I don’t know, why that person is so much obsessed with me. People say, that it’s some man rejected by me in the past looking for revenge. That person was doing everything to get my attention, and to get to me somehow, so maybe they were right. Maybe it’s somebody, who saw in me some of his old enemies, and I had just that bad luck to appear close to that psychomaniac… I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, people who are bullying others are shame for human race.

I am strong person, and I know my value, so I survived even the most dirty attacks, but it scares me, when I think, what would happen, if they went to somebody weak and vulnerable. They could even kill such person.

I know, that nobody normal, and happy in life, will never bully others. Only people utterly unhappy, and full of complexes are looking for somebody weaker, in their opinion, to bully them, and to feel better that sick way. So we should pity them, and pray for them. For their inner peace, and happiness. Only then they will stop attacking others.

Wise choices

Wise choices in life

World in chaos

You are the master of your life

We are owners of our life. Rest people are only guests. Never forget it!

We can blame nobody but our selves for our decisions and choices. I know, that there are places on the Earth, where people don’t have big choice, but anyway they can try to fight. Somebody said :” There is always some choice. At least between life and death.”

It’s continuation of previous post. They are some kind of recompense for my friend artist Debbie for problems with listening to the songs posted by me before.

Be proud of who you are

I put this picture into previous post, but then I decided, that it deserves to be posted separately.

I know, I’m lazy since long time. I’m posting quotes instead of writing something my own. I promise to be better soon. For now I hope, that you like my choices 🙂

Truths about life

I found it today by coincidence… I chose parts about relationships.

“While you’re busy looking for the perfect person, you’ll probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy.  This is as true for friendships as it is for intimate relationships.  Finding a companion or a friend isn’t about trying to transform yourself into the perfect image of what you think they want.  It’s about being exactly who you are and then finding someone who appreciates that.”

“Relationships must be chosen wisely.  It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.  There’s no need to rush.  If something is meant to be, it will happen – in the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason.”

You can read more here –

Happiness is like butterfly…

“Happiness is like butterfly,

The more you chase it,

The more it will elude you,

But if you turn your attention to other things,

It’ll come softly and sit on your shoulder.”

Choose peace, and you’ll be real victor

I noticed something interesting. Since I became peaceful person, and I started trusting God, I am getting more from life.

When somebody does something mischievous to me, soon I’m getting some reward, and some of my dreams comes true. It’s since I almost eliminated bad emotions from my life. When I am angry it lasts only since a while. I don’t hate anybody, and I don’t envy anybody. I’m forgetting easily sorrows. I don’t care for silly things. And I am much more happy.

My problems with health almost disappeared. I earn more money. I meet more good people on my path, who are helping me even without asking. It’s really amazing. 🙂