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Women are guilty for being raped?!

Today I read the nonsense, that married men sleeping with other women are not guilty,  but guilty are those women for giving them temptations. It reminded me story of some young woman from Afghanistan, which I heard in tv few days ago. She was put to jail for 3 years for being  raped. Yes, exactly, victim of the rape was put to jail, because she was guilty. Her fault was, that she was pretty enough to be raped. The man, who raped her was free. Also free in raping other women.

She is pretty. It means, that you will feel justified when you will rape her or when you will betray your wife for her?

If I steal your money it’ll be your fault, because you have them?

If I steal your car,  it’ll be your fault, because you have so nice car?

If I kidnap your children, it’ll be your fault, because you have so cute children or enough much money to pay me for giving your children back to you?

Every adult person is responsible for his/ her acts.  If you have the problem with self – control, go for some professional help… or like Holy Bible advises – cut that part of your body, which is causing your sins. Amen!


It’s very important comment, the voice of women, who knows, what’s going on in some countries. In her country.

“even little girls are being raped and the rapist very conveniently justify themselves. once a 2 years old girl was raped and the rapist blamed the devil saying that it possessed me and made me do it.
where a women could find a shelter from all bad in this world, perhaps nowhere not even their own houses. once a psychologist said “the real home of a women is her grave” . the only place she could be free from all fears.
may God bless us all. Amen!”

Thank you  Komal. God bless you.