Monthly Archives: August 2013

Colours of nature


It seems, that autumn is coming with big steps. Soon hot weather will be only memory. Personally I don’t like heat, and October is my favourite month in whole year, so I’m looking forward for it. I like the most October, and May. Both because of explosion of colours. You know, what I mean 🙂


Good way of being happy


It’s good way of being happy in life. Less expectations less disappointments, and more nice surprises. Appreciate little things, because life is built from precious moments.

It’s never too late



Age can not be an excuse. Don’t be afraid of dreaming.

Make it happen!


I wish you a lot of hope, and faith, but most of all – courage in making positive changes in life, and realising your dreams 🙂

Power of faith


I like Paolo Coelho a lot. I believe in miracles. What about you? 🙂

A future

future is

Future is result of our choices made today. So choose wisely. You make mistakes? Everybody does. Learn from them. Every experience brings a lesson, and we can take profits from it. Our life is result of our choices. Waiting for others for making our life better is just waste of time. We are owners of our life, and we have power to create it.  

Don’t give up!


The truth is, that everybody fails, even the most successful people. No matter, how many times you fail, just stand up, and continue trying. Never give up! Especially on yourself. 

Be brave!

life is adventure

Be brave! The new is mostly not that scary as it looks. If you don’t win with fear, and you don’t move forward, you’ll never know, what a beautiful world is waiting for you just behind a corner.

Happy weekend!



Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend 🙂