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Use wisely your chances in life

Paolo Coelho said “If somebody really loves you, he will let you live in agreement with your own legend”. Don’t let anybody to close you in any cage… even if it’s cage of love.


Life is one way road…

Another thought for thinking…

Use your time on this Earth wisely. Don’t miss anything valuable while wasting a time for things not worth it. Time can’t go back. It happens very rare, that we can repair, what we screw up. Mostly we don’t have 2nd chance, and for sure not 3rd.

Wisdom – lessons of life learned hard way

Nothing happens without a reason… I had to go through all that pain to become who I am. In the past I cared too much, and I was easy to hurt. Now I say: “whatever happens, it just happens, and there is no reason to think to much about it.”

Life is the best teacher, and its lessons are learned the best, when they are coming painful way.  Maybe I wasn’t good student, maybe I was learning to slow, but I was learning at least… and all pain was mine. But as long as it can’t kill me, it’s ok.

I made some promise to myself yesterday – no more wasting a time for  nothing, no more enjoying the pain of broken heart, which wishes to be cured finally,  no more following ghosts, no more wasting a time for regrets, for thinking, what would be, if I did or said this or that. Actually there were many promises, not only the one 🙂

I love smiling, I love enjoying beautiful moments and things. If you know me, you will know it all. Alas sometimes I was forgetting who I am, and how much I love life, people, little kids, nature, animals. All those pictures, sounds, and smells of the world arround me.

I’m glad, that finally I remembered, who I am. It doesn’t matter, that it costed me so much. That I had to suffer, that I had to be betrayed by people, whom I trusted the most. As I said before, nothing happens without a reason, and sometimes there is no other way to become wise and strong and to go toward future, but painful one.

I’ll be alright

Long time ago, when I felt pain of broken heart, some of my friends, girl from Russia, sent me this song. I felt much better after listening to it. Friend vanished with time, but I kept this song, and I’m listening to it time to time. When I need positive energy.

It’s about broken heart, but it sounds very optimistic.

I’ll Be Alright lyrics

Tell me is it worth the pain
When your pride plays the wrong game
Blinded by suspicious mind
Thought u could read my heart and cross the line

In everything you see

Keep everything back me

Though my broken heart, tear my dreams apart
I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

Just a broken heart, and a world to fight
I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

Keep that bad taste in your mouth
Have your truth stay on your side
Unleash all your demons free
They’ve been hiding
All that you’ve refused to see
Take everything back me

Though my broken heart, tear my dreams apart
I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

Just a broken heart, not a word to fight
I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

All fears aside, I’ll be alright

Through the years, many tears
I have wasted
I’ve moved on,
moving on

Can’t erased, can’t replaced
What I’ve tasted
Life goes on and on…


When people are sad because of something, what happened in the past, we are advising them to forget all bad, and to go ahead. The same I do. But not always it’s so easy. Bad memories are living inside us, and hurting like thorns. 

We are wearing that dark coat of our sad memories to cover our soul, to somehow protect it before new wounds. We are even enjoying that pain, because it’s proof, that we are humans, that we have feelings, that we are alive.

Taking off that dark coat is equal for us with being defenceless. With being easy to hurt again.

But we have to take it off. There is no other way to live, and to be happy.

We have to learn, how to replace sad memories with nice ones. With time you will see, that all what happened to you, wasn’t all so bad. That not all was so sad. That there were also good and sweet parts.

Nothing happens without a reason, although sometimes we can’t find out what that reason was. But every experience is precious lessons of life, which is learned the best, when it’s coming hard and painful way.