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Be soft


Life is a gift

Keep going

12 hours in Berlin

beginning – Alexander Platz



Futuristic architecture

Museum of Instruments

Museum of Ancient Culture

Cathedra at night:

German Impressionists Museum

end – Brandenburger Tor

I made many kilometres by foot, from 2 p.m 25th August to 2 a.m. 26th. I liked the most Cathedra. In the middle of the night we could watch spectacle of light and sound outside it.

Berlin isn’t city of my dreams.  I didn’t like it in the day light, but at night it got special atmosphere. What’s the most important – I was really glad, that I was there.

Be good

I’ll be off for a while.  Have a wonderful weekend! And be good 🙂

Dragon on the sky

I took this photo 2 days ago while walking with my dog. This cloud and sunlight look like dragon with fire breath. I was really amazed by that view.

Matter of choice

All depends on choices we made everyday.


It’s like with glass haf full or half empty. We chose, how we look at things.

Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Great things always begin from inside

My wishes for you

Good friends are priceless. I feel really blessed having so great people arround me. Thank you for your friendship. Here are my wishes for you. 🙂