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Happiness is not about possessions. It’s our inner state. When we can appreciate, what we have, we are ready to be happy. No matter how hard our life is, there are always some blessings in it. When you feel depressed, and hopeless – count your blessings.

By the way – I chose this quote also because I like a picture 🙂


Clean your mind

I’ve learnt to avoid negative emotions or them a while after they appear.  Inner peace is great state. It’s like being in perfect relationship. No any tentions, just peace. Faith, hope, love.

Keeping anger inside can’t help to solve any problem. It just takes off from us joy of life and ability of being happy. It destroys us from within. Don’t let anybody to live rent-free in your had.  Care for yourself. Everybody has right to be happy.

Welcome to the Happy Zone

I was thinking about my blog last days. I mean, I’m thinking about it almost all the time, just last days more intensively.

I like helping people. I like feeling useful. I’m happy always, when I can make some sad person smiling, and starting thinking positively. And I appreciate people, who do the same for me.

When my great friend blogger, Sue Dreamwalker, called my blog “Happy Zone”, I was grinning like a mouse to the cheese. Because it meant, that I well done my job.

I wanted to make my blog a place, where people will find always something, what will cheer them up.  What’ll make them believing, that nothing happen without a reason, and even the worst can end good. That we are masters of our life, and we have the power of making it beautiful. That happiness is coming from inside, not out side. Never forget it!

Key to success

Does true love always has to hurt…

Today I’m in melancholic mood. I don’t like myself like that. I prefer to be full of energy and claim new goals in life. But melancholy is also a part of me, so I’m trying to enjoy such moments in life. The best I can.

Does true love really has to hurt always? Does happy love exists only in fairy tales? “And they lived long and happily together”. Why it’s so easy in fairy tales, and so difficult in real…

The most beautiful things in life can’t be seen or touched – with special dedication to my great friends

Last night I was talking with my best friend. I’m always enjoying our conversations. Especially regarding how busy he is in life. He always reminds me, how big luck I have in life. For example by having such wonderful friends. Friends, who will always pull me up, if somebody tries to pull me down.  Friends, on whom I can rely always.

I believe, that dreams can come true, when we really believe it. Last years were very good for me. I was getting one by one, what I dreamed about. I’m not talking only about so small things like new laptop, big plasma tv, antique furnitures, better salary etc., etc. They are only material things. I got much more. I got inner peace. With great help of my wonderful friends. 

I know, that not always I was a good friend. Not always I had a time for you. Not always I was telling you, how much important you are for me, how much you did for me, and how much I love you. This way I want to thank you all for being in my life. I want to thank you my friends from real, and from virtual, but also real.

For all of you, my friends, for people, who are making me smiling, laughing, who are supporting me, who love me, and who make me happy – big big thanks 🙂

Everyone can make you happy in life…

“Everyone can make you happy in your life. Some do it by walking into your life. Some do it by walking out”.

Last night I was thinking and smiling. I was thinking about all those good and honest people posted on my path of life by God… and about all those bad and fake too.

All people, whom we met in our life are somehow important. No metter were they good or bad. Good people are making us happy, bad ones are making us stronger and wiser. Life is colourfull. And all coulours are important.

In the past I was sad or upset, when I met mischevious people. But then I accepted fact, that world is a place, where are living different kinds of animals. Not all are good and nice. Some are really awful. But they all are necessary in the circle of life on our planet. In keeping balance. I’ve never found a good explanation what for are insects, but probably they are also necessary from some point of view. But how usefull can be mosquitos? hm

Somebody said, that we are sum of our experiences. Good and bad. All are usefull. Judging my life from this perspective, I have to say, that I had a lot of luck in life. I got many excellent chances. For getting elite study. For meeting valuable people, who treated me with admire and respect. For having job, which I really like. For possibility of doing things, which make me happy. So if I die today, I’ll die as happy person.

Our destiny – we can know it the best in extreme situations

My friend inspired me for writing this article. She told me some story. About fire, which burnt all her house. The only thing, which she saved was album with pictures. From unknown reasons 1st thought about what to save from fire was that album.

Mostly when we think, what we would like to safe in a case of fire, there are different things. Documents, money, expensive things, clothes. But in extreme situations we behave instinctively. There is no time for thinking.

I remember some extreme situation from my childhood. I was about 10. I was playing with my younger brothers, and some boy from neighbourhood. There was a big hole in the ground. Full of dark water. We came close to see, what was there. The ground close to hole was slippery. Boy from neighbourhood suddenly dropped to that hole. It was cold autumn. We all had warm wool  jackets with hoods. It was good in that case.

My brothers, like paralysed, were watching a boy, who was drowned. They couldn’t move or even scream. I ordered them like officer from army – “Catch me from back, and keep me strongly!” They listen to my order. I caught fast that boy’s hood of jacket. I ordered my brothers – “Now drag me back as strong as you can!” Soon boy, all wet and almost dead from fear, was on the ground. My brothers still couldn’t say anything. I took that boy to his house. His mother was in shock, when I told her, that her son was almost drowned.

Mostly I am calm and quiet person. I don’t seem to be a type of strong leader. Maybe because that my ability was reduced by orthodox father. I was a girl, so I should be quiet and polite. Leadership was for boys. But that extreme situation showed, that I was much more predestined for leadership, than my brothers. I kept cold blood in danger, and I saved that boy’s life. But I didn’t feel like hero. Even now I don’t think about it like that. It was normal behaviour for me.

It’s sad, when parents are not able to see clear their kids abilities. That they are forcing them to be, what they want them to be, not for what they are predestined. It can break their kids life. Wise parents should give a lot of time for their kids, trying to recognise, what will be the best for their children. What will make them happy in life. Their kids, not themselves.

Something energetic 2 – dreams come true

Subconscious mind has a power to make dreams come true. Because it can’t recognise, what is a dream and what’s reality. If you think about your dream like about thing, which is happening to you, it’ll become real thing. I got that way new furnitures, laptop, better mobile and tv, antique cupboard, better salary.  Things I thought before, that they are only my dreams. 

When I feel down, and I need some power to stand up,  I’m listening “I feel good” by James Brown, and I feel much better. It’s the way to cheat subconscious mind. When it hears, that you feel good, it’ll make you feeling good in real.  Read “Power of subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy, and you’ll understand, what I’m taking about.

All good things, which happened to me happened because of power of subconscious mind and the power of faith in God, and trust him. Probably these two things have to exist together to our dreams come true.

And one else important thing – you have to clear your mind and heart from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to your dream could come true. If you wish people wrong, it’ll come to you back like boomerang. Let them be! God will give them, what they deserve.

Your dreams come true farther, when your mind will be full of positive thoughts, and your heart full of positive feelings only. All bad thoughts, feelings, and emotions are obstacles on the way to your dreams come true.

I like the most version “I feel good” from the movie – “Asterix & Obelix – mission Kleopatra”. I like a lot whole that movie.